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Third Party ASP.NET Grid control

ComponentArt Grid for ASP.NET

Features and Benefits

Advanced Client Programming: Powerful client-side API featuring Microsoft AJAX library syntax allows for total control over structure and data, with persistence to the server.

Widest ASP.NET Framework Support: ComponentArt Grid is available for ASP.NET 1.0, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET 3.5.

Comprehensive AJAX Support: Paging, sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing can be performed through AJAX callbacks - without reloading the page.

Multi-mode Operation: ComponentArt Grid features the ability to operate in Client, Callback, and Server modes.

Client-side Templates: Client-side templates dramatically decrease page footprint and enable innovative new features such as real-time data previewing while paging.

Fast and Lightweight: ComponentArt Grid offers the lightest page footprint and fastest performance in the industry.
Cross-Browser Compatibility: Supports IE5-7, Firefox 1-2, Netscape 7-8, Mozillas, Opera 8-9, Safari 1.

Other Features: Column resizing and reordering, hierarchical display of tables, selection of multiple records, record editing, conditional formatting, context menus, and keyboard control.

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ASPxGridView Suite

We can tell you that it is blazing fast, dependable, and fully optimized. We can tell you that it has no match in the marketplace and we can show you that whether you have 1000 rows to display or 1 million, the ASPxGridView can make advanced UI features such as sorting, grouping, and summary computations available without bringing your server to its knees. We can tell you all of these things, but it might be better to hear it from an independent source...One that in a recent review said the ASPxGridView has "No Competition".

Features and Benefits

Blazing Fast Data Mining and Analysis Features
AJAX-enabled Features and API
Data Editing
Additional Capabilities and Features

ASP.NET Shared Framework

Shared Framework Overview
AJAX-Enabled Features and API
Miscellaneous Features
ASP.NET Themes
XHTML Compliance

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WebGrid for ASP.NET

WebGrid™ is a full featured, search engine-friendly, hierarchical AJAX grid control for ASP.NET 2.0 (and up) that allows binding and professional display of your data in whatever style or manner best fits your needs. AJAX functionality built into the WebGrid provides benefits such as allowing the data grid to automatically and quietly send AJAX requests (on client browsers that support this technology) so that behind the scenes it can repaint the UI and provide a rich and responsive user experience. The many capabilities of the WebGrid make it ideal for users that need to work interactively with data exposed by your Web application. These features include ASP.NET templates for rows and columns, sorting, filtering, group-by, scrolling columns while one or more other columns are fixed in place, and many other features.

Rich Data Entry

When you combine the presentation of WebGrid with the embeddable editors in our set of WebEditors™ you can produce a rich data entry application in no time. You can embed the masked editor, numeric editor, date time editor, date dropdown, and custom button into any grid column. The WebCombo™ allows editing grid column values through powerful multi-column selection lists, with type-ahead, and many features like fade-in effects, shadows, and alpha blending where supported by the browser.

Features at a Glance

No-Touch AJAX Control - With zero code, enable AJAX for the grid control to supercharge your users' scrolling, sorting, paging and hierarchical navigation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - By detecting over twenty different crawlers and then generating search engine-friendly HTML output, the WebGrid increases your data's visibility for better search engine rankings.

High Performance - We have optimized our rendering to include as little HTML as possible and leverage industry-standards like CSS to reduce inline styles, plus, you don't need to enable ViewState to execute all of the functionality inherent in our ASP.NET grid control.

Spreadsheet Support - Excel copy and paste along with exporting to (or reading from) Excel makes transferring data a breeze. Column pinning, stationary headers, and row filtering make viewing deep flat and hierarchical data a pleasurable experience.

Client Side Object Model (CSOM) - Manipulate virtually any WebGrid object on the client in JavaScript using the CSOM in conjunction with the grid being an AJAX control capable of creating the richest possible client side experience.

Custom Navigation - Using WebNavBar™, our custom hierarchical data grid navigation control for ASP.NET, you can give your users additional navigation choices not available in standard paging scenarios.

Application Styling - We provide an entire library of style sets with which you can adorn your ASP.NET Web site with a professional look or common functional style (Office 2007, Mac and others). Application Styling can apply coordinated color schemes, creative border solutions, decorative imagery and fonts with as little as one setting, or you can create and share your own with our very intuitive NetAdvantage AppStylist® tool for ASP.NET.
Browser Support - Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, and FireFox 1.0 and above (both Windows and Mac).
Section 508 Compliance - Our ASP.NET grid control is in full compliance with Workforce Investment Act of 1998 Sub-section 508 regarding information access for people with disabilities.

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RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX is the fastest and most feature-rich Datagrid for ASP.NET, designed to provide desktop-like user experience with minimum HTML output. RadGrid provides real-time performance as well as almost codeless development experience for a rich variety of features.

Key Features

Codeless Development Experience
Powerful Databinding
Unbeatable Performance
Extensive VS.NET Design-time Support
Hierarchical Grids
Outlook-style Grouping
Rich Data editing controls
Extensive Client-Side Functionality
Exporting Data
Search Engine Optimization
Client-side databinding with LINQ to SQL

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obout ASP.NET Grid

Key Features

Impressive Performance: millions of records in 2 seconds
Rich Design-Time support
ASP.NET AJAX compatible
Cross-browser compatible

Simple sorting
Multi-column sorting

Record selection
Single record selection
Multi-record selection
Keeping selected records when chanhing the page

Templates for displaying data
Templates for Add/Edit controls
Templates for the Filter

Row Templates
Using Scrollbars
Vertical with Fixed Headers

Grouping the records
Displaying information for each group

Localize the Grid to any language

Rich Design-Time Support
Configure data-source
Add/Edit/Delete columns
Configure appearance
Configure general settings
Add/Edit/Delete templates
Browse online resources

Manual paging
Customizing number of pages
Customizing page-size selector

Much more

Refrence by : Obout

What is Com Marshler and its importance in .NET ?

Com Marshler is one of useful component of CLR. Its Task is to marshal data between Managed and Unmanaged environment .It helps in representation of data accross diffrenet execution enviroment.It performs the conversion of data format between manage and unmanaged code.By the helps of Com Marshlar CLR allows manage code to interoperate with unmanaged code.

Can you define what is SharePoint and some overview about this ?

SharePoint helps workers for creating powerful personalized interfaces only by dragging and drop pre-defined Web Part Components. And these Web Parts components also helps non programmers to get information which care and customize the appearance of Web pages. To under stand it we take an example one Web Part might display a user's information another might create a graph showing current employee status and a third might show a list of Employees Salary. This is also possible that each functions has a link to a video or audio presentation.So now Developers are unable to create these Web Part components and make them available to SharePoint users.

What you thing about the WebPortal ?

Web portal is nothing but a page that allows a user to customize his/her homepage. We can use Widgets to create that portal we have only to drag and drop widgets on the page. The user can set his Widgets on any where on the page where he has to get them. Widgets are nothing but a page area that helps particular function to response. Widgets example are address books, contact lists, RSS feeds, clocks, calendars, play lists, stock tickers, weather reports, traffic reports, dictionaries, games and another such beautiful things that we can not imagine. We can also say Web Parts in Share Point Portal. These are one of Ajax-Powered.

Does .NET CLR and SQL SERVER run in different process?

Dot Net CLR and all .net realtes application and Sql Server run in same process or we can say that that on the same address because there is no issue of speed because if these two process are run in different process then there may be a speed issue created one process goes fast and other slow may create the problem.

Define SMTPclient class in DotNet framework class libarary?

Each classes in dotnet framework inclue some properties,method and events.These properties ,methods and events are member of a class.SMTPclient class mainly concern with sending mail.This class contain the folling member.
Host:-The name or IP address of email server.
Port:-Port that is use when sending mail.
Send:-Enables us to send email synchronously.
SendAsynchronous:-Enables us to send an email asynchronously.
SendCompleted:-This event raised when an asynchronous send opertion completes.

What do you mean by three-tier architecture?

The three-tier architecture was comes into existence to improve management of code and contents and to improve the performance of the web based applications.There are mainly three layers in three-tier architecture.the are define as follows
(2)Business Logic
(1)First layer Presentation contains mainly the interface code, and this is shown to user. This code could contain any technology that can be used on the client side like HTML, JavaScript or VBScript etc.
(2)Second layer is Business Logic which contains all the code of the server-side .This layer have code to interact with database database and to query, manipulate, pass data to user interface and handle any input from the UI as well.
(3)Third layer Data represents the data store like MS Access, SQL Server, an XML file, an Excel file or even a text file containing data also some addtional database are also added to that layers.

How Visual SourceSafe helps Us ?

One of the powerful tool provided by Microsoft to keep up-to-date of files system its keeps records of file history once we add files to source safe it can be add to database and the changes ade by diffrenet user to this files are maintained in database from that we can get the older version of files to.This also helps in sharing,merging of files.


  1. Dapfor provides amazingly fast .Net grid application with high performance. could be used as a trading application.

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