Monday, September 10, 2012

Basic Generics questions

What are Generics?
  • The System.Collections.Generics namespace contains the generics collections.
  • Generics can be a method, class, structure, or an interface to which it acts upon
  • Generics  can be refer to a method ,class, structure or an interface in a type – safe manner
  • Generics provide the ability to create type-safe collections in .NET.
  • Generics.Net is a well organized class which contains data structures, algorithms, design patterns and other utilities in generic form.
  • Generics are used to make the code more reusable.
  • Generics can act like any data type means there is no need to write any internal code.
What are Constraints in Generics?
  • Constraints are represented in C# using the where keyword
  • Constraints is something restriction the way doing that in generics
  • There are 3 types of Constraints
1.       Constructor constraint
2.       Derivation constraint
3.       Reference / value type constraints
What are Generics and Casting?
  • The C# compiler only lets you implicitly cast generic type parameters to Object, or to constraint-specified types
  • The compiler explicitly cast generic type parameters to only an interface but not a class.
 How to use I Dispose of a Generic Type?
  • Just pass value of generic type parameter to the using statement then compiler will allow you to specify any instance of generic type
 How to declare Generic Methods?
  • Generic method is defined by specifying the type parameter after the method name but before the parameter list.
  • Doe Example public string Add(T val1, T val2).
 What is use of Generic List?
  • Generic List is an efficient method of storing a collection of variables
  • Generic List is strongly typed and casting.
  • Name space to declare generics is using System.Collections.Generic.
Difference between Generics and Array List?
  • Array List is not type safe because it faces problems of boxing and UN boxing.
  • List generics are type safe and do not require boxing and UN boxing situations.
  • In terms of performance of application List generics is better than array list.
  • Array List can save different type data types.
  • List generics we can save only specific data type.
  • Array List consumes lots of memory compare to list generics/

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