Monday, September 10, 2012

Difference between svcutil.exe and wsdl.exe

Svcutil.exe tool is meant to be used with WCF services and it can translate back and forth between metadata and code.
Wsdl.exe tool is meant to be used with ASMX services and generates only proxy code.
The default behavior for Svcutil.exe is to generate synchronous methods and it will generate asynchronous methods only if the /async option is used.
The default behavior for Wsdl.exe is to generate both synchronous and asynchronous methods
Svcutil.exe tool also supports new features in WCF, such as a policy section in a WSDL file that can be used to describe services security requirements.
Wsdl.exe does not support policy section feature as like Svcutil.exe.
Svcutil.exe tool can be used to generate metadata.
Wsdl.exe tool cannot be used to generate metadata.
The Svcutil.exe tool can be used only with XML Schema (XSD) files that support data contracts. If data contracts cannot be generated, we must use the Xsd.exe tool to generate XML-based data types from the XSD file.Therefore,it does not support attribute-based schemas.
Wsdl.exe supports attribute-based schemas.

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