Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Keep a Relationship Alive - 5 Tips to Revive a Failing Relationship

Often the answer to this quandary is elusive. Relationships of all lengths, whether you have been together several months or many years, run into periods where it is easy for them to become stale and your relationship begins to break down. If you find yourself in that state in your current relationship, applying these steps will help to correct it and keep your relationship alive.

1. Reflect Take some time and reflect back to when you first began dating and think of why you were attracted to each other in the first place. Have either of you sort of lost one or some of those attractive qualities and can you indeed get them back.

2. Communicate Talk to your significant other about what is missing from the relationship. Share with them what you may have thought of during your time reflecting and evaluating the beginning period of your relationship. They will often share with you their thoughts and you will find they will share things with you that you may have been unaware of.

3. Play Nice As time passes in a relationship, it is often the case were one or both of you will become critical of each other. If you both want to save your relationship and indeed keep it alive, you will need to stop being negative of each other.

4. Find Yourselves Again Often a relationship reaches a point where the passion has left or fizzled out. Agree to start doing some things that will help you to rekindle that passion. Maybe you used to frequent a certain restaurant that has special significance to you both. Perhaps you used to travel and you had a particularly good trip to a certain destination. Revisit those places. You will find the memories you created before will help to create the atmosphere you need to find each other again and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

5. Be Persistent and Consistent Relationships are a living entity and like all things living, require attention and nurturing to flourish and survive. If you indeed want to keep your relationship going, stay persistent and pay attention to doing the things it takes to keep things intact. Pay attention to the needs of your significant other and you will often find they will do the same for you. Before you know it, things are not only back on track, but you find they move to a whole new level!

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