Monday, January 17, 2011

Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Them Think About You More! Here Is What You Need to Learn

You have finally come to the conclusion that you want to try to get your ex to take you back. There are several things to try, and unfortunately nothing is guaranteed, but perhaps saying the right thing can get you on their mind which may be all it takes.

Remind Them of the Good Times
The next time you are with your ex and you two are talking, try to remind them of something fun that the two of you did or something funny they said. This will make them reminisce about other fun things.

That You Enjoy Their Company
Try telling them that you enjoy being around them and that you were always so happy with them. If the breakup was your fault, let them know that you regret ending things. If they know you were happy with them and like being around them, they may feel better.

Admit What You Did Wrong
This is one of the hardest, yet most effective things to do. If you did something wrong that your ex hated, admit it. Maybe there was something you did but never chose to admit it and say that you were wrong. Now is the perfect time.

Randomly Call
Don't go crazy with this one. Call your ex randomly and let them know you were thinking about them. Maybe you heard a song or saw a place you two used to go. A simple reminder that you are thinking about them is a great thing to let them know.

Keep Your Cool
Emotions may get the best of you at times; however, it's very important to keep them bottled up. Don't let your ex see you crying or that you are sad. This will only further push them away. Talk to them as if you are happy. The happier they see you, they will want to share it with you.

Offer to be Friends
By telling your ex you want to remain friends as you two are always getting along so well will push them to think of you. They are going to want to be more than friends and you are going to be running through their mind all the time.

Spend Time Together
This is the most important step. The more time you spend with them, the more they are going to want to be with you. The more they want to be with you, they are going to want you back as well.

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